Animate Tutorials

Hi Forum,
I am getting there with Animate but still have to regularly refer to the video tutorials on the toonboom site. Is there any way to download them rather than constantly hit the site to view?

Those Tutorial Movies are in FLV Flash Video Format…

Right click any of those movie-files and choose (depending on your operational system)
Either Download Linked File, or Download With… etc…

QuickTime 10 (Mac) is able to play those movies, otherwise, you might have to convert them first…
This is necessary, if you like to play those tutorials on an iPad…


Hi Nolan,
Thanks for your response but right clicking the file did not give me an option to download - unless I’ve misunderstood you. I’m running windows 7 - and tried with Chrome and IE. What did work was copying the link address (right click, copy image URL) pasting into the address bar on chrome and hitting enter - this immediately downloaded the flv, which I then opened using VLC player. You got me on the right track - and thanks for that.
Best wishes,

Whoops - sorry but I said the process was to copy the image URL - what I meant was to (right click) copy the “Link Address” - then paste into the address line.

I’ve been downloading the videos by right-clicking the video and clicking “Save Link As.” I’m using Firefox, so I’m not sure if IE or Chrome have a similar option, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

Alternatively, if you have RealPlayer installed on your computer then you can download the videos while watching them when the RealPlayer popup shows itself somewhere within the video.

you are able to watch this on the ipad with out conversion.

all you have to do is download the vlc app for the ipad

once downloaded you go to itunes and click on your ipad

you then click the tab for apps and scroll to bottom

you will see the VLC app with a window to the right that says documents and at the bottom right is a button that says ADD TO
click that

and add your videos now sync and you can watch flash on your ipad

only thing is sometimes the audio might not be the best