Animate Tutorial Pack 09 - no artwork

Please help! I am making my way through the Toon Boom Animate2 tutorials and have been learning a lot. I downloaded Tutorials Pack 09, but when I open Chapter 51: Setting the Pivots, there is no artwork to be seen. I’ve enabled all the layers for viewing and clicked on frames to try to get something to show up in the camera and drawing views, but there is no artwork visible.

I’m running it using Vista. Haven’t had this problem with any other tutorial packages. Please help me so I can continue learning!

Thank you,


If your download is older than a week, please, try to download this Tutorial Pack 09 package again. It has been modified lately.

Please, let me know if this new download fixes your issue.



Thank you, Francois! I just downloaded it and I see the artwork. I’m so glad it was an easy fix.

Thank you thank you thank you :slight_smile: