Animate transparency

Hi, ok so i want an object to go from visible to invisible. Im trying to think of a way to do this, but it seems impossible without taking every colour of the object you want to animate the alpha of, copying them at varying degrees of transparency, and then colouring your object on different frames with different variations of these colours (if that makes sense ::slight_smile: Does anyone know any easier way to do this? I guess it cant be done to be honest but its worth asking.

Thanks in advance, Chris.

you can do it using the ‘color transform’ feature (user guide, page 341).
just throw your elements on a peg and set the transparency from the lowest (opaqueness) at the beginning to the highest at the end of your pegged sequence.

v3 user guide, to be exact…

Thanks alot mate thats a great help ;D Never used colour transforms as ive neevr needed them so i didnt know there was also an alpha on there. Cheers.

The opaque changes are awesome as well. I scratched my head over this for a long time before it was presented to me and it works great.

Color tranformations can be tricky at first but once you get used to them, they take so much work out of things.