animate transformation of objects

I’m new to Animate and I’ve got a question.
I’m looking for a feature where you can animate the actual anchors and points of vector objects, preferably transform the position between keyframes. That is, I’ld like to use the same object but to be able to transform it from frame to frame instead of having a new instance created. This is something I’ld like to use for rototoscoping. Tell me, is something like this doable in Animate or should I seek out some other software?
I’ve tinkered some with the morph feature but that seems to be creating new anchorpoints, arcs, whatever, all over the place and I want complete control over the vectors.

The closest I think to what you want to do would be to use a Quadmap module in Animate Pro or Harmony. Can’t remember if Animate has it. But even that you would control only the four corners of the image. You would not be controling the countour points of the lines that you drew.

In Harmony you have the deformation tool that does more in the form of control but still it’s not a path attached to a single point of your object.

alright, thanks for the answer.
does anyone know of a program that does what I’m looking for?.. the only one i’ve found so far is Synfig and it seems too buggy and crude to be usable , open source as it is… it seems as Anime Studio got some of the features as well but is seriously lacking in the gradient apartment.

Hi bytat

Motion 5 (Mac only )have the feature you are seeking.

But if it will satisfie your demands I don’t know.
Motion 5 is reliable and full of oportunities yes, but is more of a special effects/motion graphic than classic animation software.
What I mean is it may be hard to achive the feel and look of classic animation.
The feature you can use is a paintstroke tool which will create one layer per stroke. You can then adjust the stroke by control points. The software will interpolate between adjustments. You can fine tune by adding new keyframes between “poses”. To the paints stroke you can add a lot of additional effects also after you have created it. The painstroke tool can also record the way you make the stroke and play it back. So this is a fantastic “writing” effect. The price is very low compared to other apps with such capasities. But one more time, the precision and drawing like quality you can achive in frame by frame in Animate will be hard. The tool is perfect for adding and animating simple shapes and trails of all kinds.
What you will get is a smooth and flashy animation made quite fast, but with some shape limitations.Here is a link to a video showing paint tool in Motion 5:

(The link will have to be copied in, sorry for that)
Maybe you could do the first step with this tool, export as an image sequence and import/vectorize the result for further refining in Animate?


What you can do instead is you can use the Pencil tool to create your drawings, then you can duplicate the drawing on new frames, and use your Contour Editor to move the anchor points around. It’s effectively frame-by-frame animation, which is what you would be doing when rotoscoping anyway.