Animate ... tablet cursor

I am using (pls don’t laught) a Genius tablet in animate; in fact I am using the mouse. Trying to use the tabley pen, any drawing occurs far to the right of the cursor. Obviously this is not ideal.
The problem does not occur in Studio 5; where my Genius tablet pen behaves normally.
Does anyone know how I can solve the Animate/Pen problem?

When that’s solved, I shall feel brave enough to cough up the cash for a Wacom.

i’m using a cintiq 12wx, sometimes the pen misses up on the alignment,
but it’s when i’m using some of the functions buttons on the side ( the ones on the default setting, i miss the right button i wanted ).
I reset the alignment with the tools in the control panel for the wacom.
i just do a quick recalibrate and i’m off and running again.

vista 64bit Nvidia quadro 1700 ( duel screen set up )

no real problems