animate supports following effect(s), but they are not built in the customized group(s) and cannot be shown: -transparency

I’m preparing to get some old Animate 2 scenes converted to Harmony for reuse in my new film.

I had backed up all my old scenes onto a portable hard drive & recently transferred them onto my Macbook where Animate 2 is presently installed & running. The scenes open with Animate 2 but the trouble is, I get this popup whenever it opens (see attached image screencap):

“animate supports following effect( s ), but they are not built in the customized group( s ) and cannot be shown: -transparency”

After clicking “OK,” whenever I try to play the scene in Toon Boom Animate all I get is a blank preview screen. All the layers, frames & camera moves seem intact but it’s as if any “transparency” has been removed so I can’t see through any of the layers. I can’t output anything either.

Does anybody know what this problem might be?


It sounds like you could have missed something when you originally archived the project.

When you upload the file to be converted Toon Boom may be able to assist you in sorting it out.

In the meantime you could save a copy and, working with the copy, try to rebuild the effect.