Animate & Storyboard

I like most of us out there received another “toonboom” special offer with the new price on Storyboard. My question is, how many Animate owners like myself use storyboard and is it in my interest to acquire this software. Or simply put how well does it interface with Animate as I have been reading some of the details and have yet to find mention of it working “with” specific software

I downloaded the trail, but for some reason it thinks my 19 days are already up so I can’t even test it out for consideration

Any advise folks?!

Just to be clear you are talking about Storyboard not StoryBoard Pro, right?

If your plans are to do Storyboards/Animatics with the intention of importing the scenes into Animate in any way shape or form, I’d say save your pennies and get Storyboard Pro. The only way you will be able to get Storyboard panels into Animate (as far as I know) is to export the images and then import them into Animate.

Storyboard is a very cool program, with very nice brushes, Panels/shots, but it is a no frills program. You cannot import sound into the a timeline, or animate the camera. It exists really just to do storyboards and export to PDF for printing.

As opposed to Storyboard Pro which is an ALL out pre-production program.