Animate running slow on my PC

So I’m just using the trial and loving it, but the app runs really slow on my PC. Flash and AE run fine, then I go into animate and it’s like I press select on a object, wait 2 seconds then the object is selected. Many little tasks take way too long, like just moving around the program, selecting, changing tools etc.

Is this something other people are experiencing? Will it be fixed? Are we beta guinea pigs?

Love the app, not sure if I’m ready to cross grade for $500… yet.


Would it be possible to know your computer’s specs and which OS you are using (windows or Mac and which version)?



I have 4gb ram, windows xp, 175gb free space on hd.

The program plays back the animations great with no lagging, just the movements within the program are really slow, like switching tools, selecting colors, selecting objects.

I must say I really love it, I’ve been just getting into AE and it really has limitations for character animation. I’ve always used TBS 4 and all my pegs would become too confusing and always wind up getting too complicated and messed up, but in Animate I can put anchor points right on the symbols and that makes a world of difference for me just off the bat in my first evening with it. I eventually gave up on TBS because the peg thing was too complicated and there were no blur or drop shadow effects.

This is much better for the average flash user who is used to just being able to move symbols around without the addition of pegs. It’s a lot easier for me to use baby steps for learning pegs.

I REALLY think that Toonboom needs to provide one or two fully rigged demo character files!!! If I could just find a download of a rigged character using pegs, it would be so much easier for me to learn. There is nowhere on the net that I have been able to find one.


I’ve had the exact same problem with Animate but I’ve found that if I close Animate, open Digital Pro and close it, then restart Animate, there’s no lag. I know not everyone has both programs installed but it this workaround might help the support team nail the problem. It’s as if Digital Pro activates something that Animate needs (on my machine anyway).

btw, I have WinXP, Core Duo and only 2GB RAM

Thanks! Then it’s likely that because I have TBS 4 it’s causing the same problem…

I bought Animate tonight and it barely runs on my computer, it’s practically unusable and is constantly crashing, sometimes struggles to even boot up. :’(

I thought it was just because I was using the PLE version that this was happening, so I bought the program and now it’s even worse.

It literally takes a few seconds to select tools and select objects, if I copy and paste anything mildly complex it takes like 20 seconds to paste.

My first impression is I’m super unhappy and that I won’t be able to use Animate for anything really unless this gets fixed.

Am I the only one having this problem? My computer runs many other demanding programs with no problems including TBS4, Aftereffects, Flash, Photoshop, Anime Pro.

I guess it may be related to your video card. Have you checked the system requirements at especially for the video card if you are using Windows?

There is no deference between PLE compare to other payable version beside the restriction. It should be all same engines.

If you are using Nvidia card + Vista and still it creashes One thing I can suggest is check if ‘support triple buffering’ is checked from Preferences>OpenGL tap. This option might help for Vista. You need to restart to apply changes. If it is checked, try unchecking it to see if it still crashes. Check more details from the forum at;action=display;threadid=871

So it looks like I’m running the wrong video card! Well that’s a relief I can’t wait to use Animate the way it was intended.

Can anyone recommend a video card and send me a link?


No specific card list as long Nvidia and has decent vram. It is always related to the budget and the needs of the use. For example, if you have Geforce 8800 512MB or 9600 512MB is fare. Normally, 9000 series are better than 8000 series, but if the model number is below 500 (ex, 8300 or 9300), the performance is not that impressive compare to the price.


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