animate rotation clockwise or anticlockwise

is there a way to animate rotation clockwise or anticlockwise?
my arm animation is driving me crazy, it rotates in very odd direction, instead of going on shortest distance, it went and do a 160 degrees rotation to the next pose. It’s very annoying!


Can you post screen shots ? Or maybe, contact and send an example scene.

This is definitely not an normal behavior.


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Toon Boom Animation


I’m pretty sure I know what the issue is. You are posing like you would in Flash, where adding a “tween” or setting it to motion-keyframe in Harmony will animate the shortest distance. With Harmony, regardless of the distance, it will animate the way it was rotated when you posed it. So if you want a character’s arm to move clockwise from one pose to the next, you must move it that way when you do the posing. I’m sure this is very annoying right now, but once you get used to it, you’ll probably really appreciate the control it gives you. For example, if you wanted a ball to rotate counter-clockwise 3 times, all you would need to do is rotate it 3 times, but if you tried the same in Flash, it would only animate the literal in between.

ahhh… I see! I shall try this next time, thanks HaBla