Animate question

I’ve been using Flipboom and Animationish for years but now I’ve moved on to Animate. Okay so since I’m new to Toonboom Animate I have a lot of questions but one main problem I’m having is with duplicating frames.

Like in Flipboom when I duplicate a frame to modify the copy they pretty much look like two different frames, although in Animate when I try to duplicate a frame and edit the copy it edits the original too. It’s somewhat hard to explain without seeing it. ???


I’ll draw a picture of one of my characters and let’s say I want to make it wave. The first frame would have it’s arm extended.

Then I would duplicate the first frame and edit it’s arm and draw it pointing semi-skyward. In Animate it would edit both the first and second frames.

I appreciate any help in advance! :slight_smile:

I just copy and paste into a new drawing. However there is also a command which allows you to turn a drawing into a new unique drawing except I am away and don’t have animate on my macbook to check.

Hi Lilly.

I’m having a similar problem as inspiremedia although it’s concerning a symbol layer, instead of a normal one. Hitting the “duplicate drawing” doesn’t seem to do much.

I’ve jumped into editing the symbol states, but when I switch states into my timeline, the preceding frames lead into that one, which is no good.

What I’m trying to pull off is having a tail (a cat’s, in this case) flip 180 degrees (via transform tool properties) once it waves from one side of the body to the other. I can’t seem to make a duplicate drawing on a symbol layer, which results in the preceding frames going all 3D rotation on me and flying into the new position. It’s a cool effect, but not quite what I was going for.

Care to offer any assistance?



Ah. Thanks a bunch. The added keyframe pre-transform was just what I needed!

Make sure you’re doing a real duplicate. When you just do a copy and paste, it pastes the exposure. The exposure is just the name of the drawing. So in other words, when you do a regular copy and paste, it just says “show that drawing here”.

If you go to Windows > Toolbars > Timeline View, then there’s a toolbar on there that can help. If you do a drawing on frame 1, then you go to frame 2, and extend exposure with F5, then you hit the “Duplicate Drawing” button, it will make a new drawing.

You’re probably not familiar with the exposure sheet, but this really helps to show what you’re doing, because it shows the names of all the drawings.

I’d check out the video I did on Copying and Pasting, might help with this concept:


Yes if you are using symbols, you will need to go inside the symbol to do this.

If you are using keyframes to flip the tail (i.e. your Transform tool) then make sure that you put a keyframe right before the flip, and then one directly next to it to perform the flip.

Otherwise, you can go inside the symbol, duplicate the drawing, and flip the tail using the Select tool.

Hope this makes sense!