Animate Pro's weird 3D "brickspace"

I have been experimenting with the 3D space in Animate Pro and find that the coordinate space is not cubic. In other words, a cube in this world actually measures 2 by 3 by 1, as opposed to 1 by 1 by 1. A 1 by 1 by 1 cube would actually look like a brick. Is my software configured incorrectly? Is this a relic from the non-square animation field guide? Is there any way to work in a numerically accurate 3D space? It would be helpful for designing accurate sets and for scripting.
-edit: Correct ratio is 2 by 2.67 by 1, or 24 by 32 by 12.

The field guide is 4:3, not 1:1. The measure you are talking s 2x3x1 field will not match with field guide for sure. You need to create a 1:1 field guide manually and store it in the library for later use.

I think I have found the solution to my question. In Scene settings, in the Alignment tab, I can select Square 12 Fields. Then under Number of Units, I set all to 24. Finally the 3D space makes sense again.