Animate Pro2 Dropping Imported Drawings

For some reason, my Animate Pro2 is dropping drawings that I import and vectorize into it. It will accept the drawings and run them beautifully, but then after I’ve saved the work and then close down the program, when I reopen the scene, I find that many drawings are missing. This is incredibly frustrating! I have worked with Toon Boom programs since Toon Boom Studio Version 1, so I absolutely understand how to import and vectorize my line drawings which I have scanned into Photoshop.

Please explain why this is happening and what the fix is.

I forgot to mention that I am running Mac OS 10.5.8 on my Apple computer.

Thank you.

Thank you. I have contacted toon boom support, so let’s see what can be done.

I haven’t heard of this issue before so I suggest that you write into so that they can verify what’s happening in your case.