Animate Pro: Wacom Intuos4 Express Key problems.

So I can’t seem to figure out how to get my express keys on my tablet to work. I have ones set to Control, Alt, and Shift and those work fine. But the one I have set for like the Hand tool in Photoshop, doesn’t do anything in Animate. Also Animate doesn’t seem to respond to the wheel at all. It won’t zoom in and out.

Thanks in advance for any help…

You probably have to set up a different set of express keys for the different softwares that you use. If you have the hand tool mapped in Photoshop, the hand tool might use a different short cut (quick key on the keyboard) from the hand tool in Animate. You’ll need to go into your wacom interface and set up a set of express keys for animate that use the same shortcuts that you would use if you were using a keyboard.

There is no feature right now that enables the use of a scroll wheel for zoom. This is a feature request that has been requested by other users and has been passed on to the R&D department.

Ah thanks. Bummer about the no zoom though.

I got the hand thing working, by setting up a keystroke in the wacom settings like you suggested. I had just been using the pan option.

It’s odd though when I scroll through the preferences for shortcuts. I don’t see the hand tool anywhere. I had to look up the shortcut in the manual.

There is a shortcut in the preferences labelled “Free Pan and Zoom”, set to Spacebar, that brings up the hand tool temporarily. It’s true, there is no shortcut labelled Hand Tool. This could be misleading.

Go check out the new drivers! Wacom put some out right after you posted this, in late January. I had the same issues with trying to map express keys in my Cintiq and now they’re fixed with the latest driver pack (vesion 6.3.1…). I hear the Intuos 4 wheel maps properly now but you have to master which ‘mode’ you’re in because turning the wheel does various things, depending on which mode it’s set in.

Awesome. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll check it out.