Animate Pro Usteam

Would anyone be interested in in joining me on Usteam as i stortboard and animate a scene and ill let the crowd decide what i animate.Ill be using SB Pro and Animate pro and maybe After effects for particles. let me know :slight_smile: this is my Youtube page check out my work before you agree because im coning from flash to TB Animate pro.

This one of your videos was really cool(I realise it wasn’t done in animate, but it easily could of been!). It could of done with a little polish in parts but overall it is great especially when he jumps off the building.

Honestly I considered this sort of thing, but the community is small and adam phillips can’t get many people to watch him so what hope do I have.

I think recording and putting on youtube will get you a wider auidence plus I can put it on the better flash animation blog for you.

wow thanks maybe we both could do it together i am writing up format for the show now.Ive done digital painting on ustream with no luck but you have to get started somewhere, we would have to get the community involved…

oh by the way i use animate pro and after effects

The idea of a show sounds great, but im not that talented of an artist, not professional and overworked!

I am also struggling to get my new tutorials recorded. I have plans for a few which I have written plans for but haven’t recorded. Reminds me I should record my bubbles tutorial ASAP.