Animate Pro to Harmony 12 Premium

Hi all. I looked around but didn’t see any definitive answer to this.

I’m about ready to upgrade my license from Animate Pro 3 to Harmony 12 Premium, but I wanted to know if you can open Animate Pro 3 files in Harmony 12.

I have a lot of work done in Animate Pro 3 and I don’t want to switch up my license and find that I can’t access any of my old assets. I’m not worried about actual animation data so much as drawings. I have a lot of rigged cutout characters that it would be really time consuming to have to create from scratch because my Animate Pro license is no longer valid and I can’t open the files, if you see what I mean.

It would be a huge amount of work for me to export all of my existing assets to PDF or something first, but that’s fine if I have to – just wanted to see if I need to do that first before doing the upgrade.

Thanks for your time

When you upgrade to Harmony from Animate Pro you can ask support to convert your files for you.

Animate/Pro projects can be converted to Harmony by going into your My Accounts section and selecting Harmony Project Conversion. If you (for example) upgrade from Animate to Harmony Advanced you still keep your Animate license.

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Awesome, that’s great to know. Thanks very much.