Animate Pro - Runtime Error, Symbols from images are no longer loading

Hi, I have a trouble with Animate Pro - I have a HDTV project with bitmap backgrounds and it seems to be somehow corrupted (or too big for my RAM) - the symbols from images are no longer loading (in library, there are only names, nothing is visible) and when I try to load some new from jpg/png or something, it refuse to load, sometimes it just crashes with C++ runtime error. Other projects, smaller ones, are loading and working just fine.

I think, that maybe it’s a memory problem (I have 32b Windows XP with 2,5 GB RAM), so my question is - is there a way, how to clean up library from backgrounds and leave only vector animations? Because even when I manage to delete it from the library, the memory usage of Animate Pro is still high - it uses all of the memory, even after reloading of the project.

If you have some backgrounds in your libary, that should not affect the memory usage of the scene. Only things that have actually been imported into your scene file will cause the memory usage to go up. Does your scene crash when you do a render or just when you browse around the scene - playback in the scene? How heavy is your scene file? I.e. how many frames, how many layers? ~LillyToon Boom Support