Animate Pro Rendering problem


I have a rigged character which has some highlight effects on it. It’s render view on Toon Boom looks fine, it has no problems. However, whenever i export a frame with these effects as a PNG4 file, the outer lines of the character turns into blue like in the image below.

The blue lines do not appear when i export this as another extension (TGA for example) or whenever i add a colour card (black or white).

Is there any other solution to get rid of these blue lines without adding any background or exporting as PNG4?

Hello Mustafa,

Please contact for this as we will need to see the actual project in order to determine what might be happening with this exported image.

Please make sure to zip the project in advance and be ready to place it on the Toon Boom ftp site for analysis.


Hello there

I’m having the same problem here.

I’m using the last harmony version.

Wath can i do?

i posted in wrong location - apologies