Animate Pro PLE Workspace resetting question

Hi there I am a total newb, and started trying some of the freebee trial animation stuff when I dl’d “Animationish” for my daughter (8). Anyways, we have progressed through every free trial, and I am now working through the KickStart Videos in “Animate Pro PLE version”. I am enjoying it immensly and have had no real problems with software or hardware. We are considering a purchase of either ToonBoom Studio or perhaps even Animation Pro.

What I am wondering however is how I can reset ALL the workspaces back to their default settings? Through my many trials and errors, I have changed just about every window in each of the workspace areas without saving a default profile etc. and now would like to get the old ones back. I am sure this is very simple as it was easy in Toon Boom studio, yet I am a bit stuck!

I appreciate any help or solutions, and want to thank any responders for their time…animation is SO interesting and I find it is like an amazing world that I have always taken for granted, now that I see the level of work and art that goes into it, I have a whole new appreciation…

PS is there a way to import color pallettes from other programs like “Twisted Brush”? or are they totally incompatible formats?

Thanks…Steven H new animation fan!!! ;D

Welcome to the exciting and wonderful world of animation…
Seeing your characters coming alive and doing well is just the greatest pleasure of all…

Back to your questions…
There is a “Restore Default Workspace” under the Windows Menu…

I guess, Animate can’t yet import colour palettes from other programs…?

But, just try it out… here is the import procedure…

If you created a palette in another project and you would like to import it in your current project, you can browse for the palette file on your computer and add it to your project. When the palette is imported in your scene, the file is copied in the project’s directory. It is not linked to the original file.
To import a palette into your project:
In the Colour View, click on the Menu-button and select Palettes > Import,
or click on the Import Palette-button.
The Browser window opens, browse for a palette file located on your hard-drive.
You will generally find the palettes in your projects Palette-Library directory.
Click on the Open button, the palette appears in the Palette list.


WOW , Thanks for the quick response Nolan:…and yes, as I thought, it was a pretty simple and slightly obvious solution, but when I looked at the actual users guide…all 1028 pages, I could not seem to find any reference to it.

So thanks again, and I will look forward to posting something with a little more substance next time! ;D

Peace, and ps…thanks for the pallette importing answer as well!

pps, this is a bit off topic, but I’ve never meat anyone named “Nolan” and today, I was at a friends socer game and met one, and now you share the name as well…great name, interesting coincidence!

OK OK I know I babble…lol :-X :-X