Animate Pro PLE - Transform and Pivot Problems

I just installed the Animate Pro PLE the day before yesterday. It works well except for the problems with the Transform and Pivit tools. I have set up my little cut out doll but when ever I use the pointer to rotate a body part I have to reset the pivot as it is not were I had origanly put it. When I go to use the transform option, the pivot is marked in blue and in the right place, but it will not let me do anything to the body part (clicking just makes a new selection) - infact, my cursor just stays the same when it should be changing (as it hovers over the rotate or resize selection dots/portions, for instance). Using the input field to control the rotation does work, however. Also, when I go to select a whole limb to move, it doesn’t light up as pictured in any of the tutorials I have read/watched (I’ve gone through quite a few).

P.S. I am wondering if I will be able to use the characters I make and store in my library in the normal Animate Pro program.

we had a similar problem with the rotation points and we get a solution… if your problem is about it, you can move this point by selecting the piece you want to change and opening the layer properties of it (2 click on the timeline layer, the L symbol -on PC-)… just change the pivot values where you want it, moving by the arrows up & down.
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The problem I am having is more then that, but I tried what you said to no avail. I appreciate your taking the time to try and help me, though - thanks.

Here I have made some images to help explain my situation.

The simplest way to change the location of an element’s pivot point is to first select only the
element whose pivot you wish to offset (either select the element’s read module in the network view or select the element from the timeline). Next click on the Pivot Tool, this is the icon that looks like crosshairs right underneath the transform tool icon. Once the pivot tool is selected, you can visually click on where you wish to position the pivot.

I found the problem: I was doing everything correctly but the program just doesn’t work right on that computer. I installed it on a different, more powerful computer and now it works fine.


Check in which mode ur, if it is red it mean it is in drawing mode, press b then it will be ready to animate. By pressing b peg will be selected, then u can rotate it.

I am having problems with the peg/animate in that when the symbol is set to reloop, it causes a clitching effect. What file would you need to see this and how to remedy, didn’t do it to other character.

Hello again,
I am finding out that if one does not set the pivot point from the very beginning, everything goes wonky after that. No matter how much tweeking one does, it comes back to haunt you.


To fix the transform tool.u have to update the drivers of your graphics card.if u are using a laptop with un inbuit card then update the video drivers of your laptop if u have like a dell u download the dell video drivers.hope this helps