Animate pro PLE in win7

animate pro PLE 2 is not working its move tool by mouse in windows 7.
will u please help me in this.

mine is on board gigabyte graphics card of 128mb.
and i also tried in my frnds system which is having Nvida graphics card of 1GB and win 7. we are facing the same problem

Hi, sorry to say, its not working in win 7 well.But its working in winXP.
how can i use this software in win 7.
Drawing is not moving by mouse,but its moving only by keyboard arrows.


yes i was already in basic theme.but it’s still not working. but working well in win-xp

What graphics card do you have installed on your computer?


Okay so the system requirements require an ATI or NVidia graphics card. Now if you’re on Win7, you’ll also want to disable Aero from your desktop.

Right-click on the desktop, select Personalize, then change the Theme to Basic Theme. Does this solve your issue?


Did you right-click on the desktop, select Personalize, then set the theme to Basic?


If you have both a supported graphics card (ATI or NVidia) and you have turned off Aero theme, and it’s still not working, then send an email to so that they can help you out further.