Animate Pro (OS X) crashes on startup :(

Experiencing a critical error here and not sure how to resolve it. I’m on a MacBook Pro running 10.6.8 and Animate Pro (version 1). I have several projects and one of them is being featured in a new book title. As of last night, every time I try and open one of my existing projects, Animate Pro quits with no warning. If I launch Animate Pro and start a new project it seems to run fine.
Anyone else ever experience this issue?

Ok, problem solved. For anyone experiences the same issue here’s how and why Animate crashes; Preferences: OpenGL > Real-Time Antialising > Enable and set the value amount to “0” (zero). Poof Animate crashes and will continue to crash when trying to open a previously saved project.

Resolution: Start a new project, go back to that preference and set the value from “0” to something other than “0”. Close (no need to save new project) and open previously saved projects.

Worth noting; I was able to produce this crash using Animate Pro V1, then I installed Animate Pro 2 and was able to reproduce the crash following the steps provided in my previous email.

Does changing the setting to 2 or 4 now prevent it from crashing? Are you now able to work?

I’ll report the crash to the team.