animate pro: no "effect" menu in add layers

In the tutorial of animate, 14 creating effects, it displays a menu named effect (that has blur, brightness,shadow,etc).
but I am running anmate pro and there is no menu.
7.7.0 (5098) 2009-05-19.

How to display the menu “effect” whan adding a layer?
thanks a lot

In Animate Pro, instead of adding effect layers, you use modules to add to your network. Open up a Module Library window, then you can drag a module from the Module Library into the Network.

If the tutorial you’re talking about is the Starting Guide, then check out the Starting Guide Part 2 - PRO users, Chapter 4 - Compositing.

Also, you can get more information on this subject in the User Guide, Chapter 16, enhancing with effects.

thanks, I was watching the video tutorial “kick-start videos” that appears when one opens animate pro.
I am reading now that pdf tutorial.

thanks a lot