Animate Pro - My first list of issues

Hi, I’ve now been working with Animate Pro through my first real project. It’s great! Really great, and fast! Thanks! I think it helped me to get to a new level. I think the killer features are:
- Network view with plugins and the write-plugin. Ah… good :slight_smile:
- Textured lines
- Render quality looks great and it renders fast too.

As always, there are obstacles and quirks to overcome on the road. This is my first list of my obstacles and wishes.

- Cutter to cut better with overlapping textured lines. Looks really bad. Should be possible to make a smart solution here.
- Simpler textured lines with ONE texture per drawing (not per stroke), to save memory and increase performance. Since textured lines look fantastic, I wanna use it on EVERYTHING, but it slows everything down. I got a couple of ideas for solutions…
- Colour Override to allow overriding textures.
- Link to multiple external Palettes in one go. (Cmd-click multiple files)
- Better multiple windows. For instance Colour picking from a model in a secondary window shouldn’t activate window that window. It’s a bit messy on dual screen setups.
- Button 3 on wacom cintiq pen is registered as drawing even though it’s not set to click. Even though it’s hovering above the screen, it still draws. This is critical since I mapped button 3 to something completely different.
- Switch window layout should be instantaneous to redraw the new layout. It now takes 2-3 seconds.
- Let ALL buttons and tools be available for ALL windows, please. :slight_smile:
- I found morphing not useful in any situation with drawn material… sorry guys, I have to spank you there :wink: Maybe it works with less detailed lines and stuff… but. There’s a lot of work that need to be done here for it to be useful for drawn animation, if you ask me.

All in all, great program!
I’ll show you my first Animate Pro work when it’s cleared :slight_smile:

best regards
Andreas Paleologos
studio palegolas

Yeah, I would like to see how the textured brush lines look, so please post up any work you’ve done with.