Animate Pro Morphing Layers

Hello everybody,
I have an issue that needs your help. I am using Animate Pro 2 and I tried to use the morphing layers. I draw my source and destination drawings and create a morph. Then, I go to the morphing tool, and in the morphing layers section I add a new layer and enter different values in From and To section as advised by the user guide; however, it does not seem to work. I think I don’t understand the concept well. So, could you please explain it more and tell me how I can apply it.
Thanks in advance

either watch the official toonboom videos on morphing, or take a look on youtube at my light saber tutorial, or search for the adam phillips tutorial on morphing :slight_smile:

I haven’t looked at the Raider’s saber tutorial but none of the other tutorials cover morph layers. I would use simple shapes until you understand how it works.

Here is a very “BASIC” outline of how morph layers work:

When you add morph layers you need to enter the start and end drawings for each of the morph layers. For 3 morph layers you need 6 drawings total.

for example:

main = set “FROM” to drawing 1 and “TO” to drawing 2
layer1 = set “FROM” to drawing 3 and “TO” to drawing 4
layer2 = set “FROM” to drawing 5 and "TO to drawing 6

This thread has more information on morph layers:;action=display;threadid=3769


Thank you guys… The issue was that every time I tried to draw the new source and destination drawings for the new morph layer, the software refuses to do so… The problem was that the user guide did not mention that I have to do that in the drawing view, so I kept doing it in the camera view… that’s why it wasn’t working
I really appreciate your help

We have to use drawing view(not camera view). This is the mistake in User Guide.