Animate Pro License server activating then returning to activation page?

Hi everybody…
Well, before I went and pestered support, I was hoping I could get an answer from the Animate Pro community.

Here’s our situation: We have 5 floating licenses of Animate Pro at our studio and a license server to take care of activations.

Generally, this works great, allowing us to install Animate Pro on multiple machines and allowing us to have 5 licenses running at any given time on various machines.

One person needs to do work on their laptop, a Dell Lattitude 8600(?)… basically, a typical Dell laptop from a couple of years ago.

I install Animate Pro on their machine, and run it. License activation page comes up as normal, and I go through the usual steps to connect it to the license server. And everything checks out, and we’re told the software is activated, and given the “Start” button.

When clicking on the “Start” button though, we’re returned back to the start license activation page.

I know there’s possibly a million possible causes for this, being someone’s personal Windows laptop that has had a lot of software installed on it over the years (really needs a spring cleaning, too), but I was wondering if anyone else experienced this problem, how they fixed it, and if they knew what the cause was.

The only apparent suspect could be that Digital Pro is installed and licensed on the machine as well. Could this be causing a conflict or something? Unfortunately, we can’t remove the copy of Digital Pro since it’s being used currently on another project as well.

Hi,It is most likely caused by the fact the license server is reading the Digital Pro license before it reads the Animate Pro one. Since Animate Pro has a newer licensing scheme the first license that is read need to be of the higher version before the lower version one will be read otherwise you will get the kind of error you are getting at the moment.In your Environment variable should be located a path pointing to different license.dat. Make sure that the one that points to the c:/flexlm folder is the one first and make sure that license in c:/flexlm is basically pointing to itself (in the license you should get SERVER THIS_SERVER 0 ANY…)Hope this helps you get this fixed. If you are still having difficulties feel free to contact support.Best regards,Ugo