Animate Pro help? Changing camera color?

I’ve looked through all the settings and I can’t figure out how to change the camera’s color. I’ve been trying to set it to white, right now its dark grey. Could I get some help?

I’ve also wondered how to change the brush’s transparency and cancel pressure sensitivity? Or… I don’t know, pro just feels a lot different from animate.

Change the Alpha in the Colour-Picker-Window.

Customize the Pressure Sensitivity in the Wacom Tablet Preferences.

Thank you a ton, you’re very helpful.

A quick few other questions if that’s alright, you seem to know what you’re doing.

I followed your directions from the other thread. Everything you said is all there, it just doesn’t work for some reason. After I click “Edit Colours” in “Preferences”, it opens a window where I can change the colors as instructed. The default color for Clear is grey, and the default color for Camera is black. I change the Clear to white, click OK, and close the window–I’m back to preferences, I click an affirmative OK in the bottom right hand corner, come back, but nothing has changed. I go do everything again, but the default color for clear, or rather the colors everything I’ve changed stay the same, no matter how many times I change it. What’s wrong?

One more thing.
I only use a handful of shortcut commands in painting/animation softwares, two of which I use the most are for the brush, and the eraser.
When I would change the Brush’s shortcut to B, I’d go back to the main stage, have my brush tool out and try to switch to eraser with E, but it for some reason it doesn’t fully commit to it, it only allows you to use the eraser /while/ holding E. When I go back to Preferences to replace or reduplicate E for eraser’s command, I’d go back to the camera and test it out again, instead, the command for eraser starts working properly by staying as the eraser tool, but the command B for the brush stops working entirely, it’s this little cycle that warps around and around again, and I can’t figure it out. Could you help me out?

Sorry for the massive column of text, I just needed a little help with these pesky problems I wouldn’t be able to solve otherwise, I’m a lil new to the software as you can see~

Did you quit and restarted Animate…?

B + E are function shortcuts during workflow, very handy.
The permanent selection for the Brush = option+b, for the Eraser = option+e.

I did but that didn’t exactly help…
I messed around with the Preferences a little more and I think I got it to work somehow… Well, that was all weird

Thank you for answers anyways