Animate PRO feature requests.

  1. The network window is basically the node editor… the module library should be subfunction of the network. Lets call the modules nodes… what we have here is basically a node system of adding effects and controlling output.

    I would like to be able to EXPORT node trees created in the node editor. This way I only need to create once, save it in appropriate global folder. This saved node tree is now available to share with others, or IMPORT into a new project.

    2. I would like ability to create my own custom nodes (modules).

    3. I look forward to obtaining SDK … how about same SDK used to develop Animate PRO for starters.???

    I am VERY excited to finally be working with Animate PRO


In response to wisemasterchief’s request #1

You can save effects or node structures by selecting the nodes and copying them to the library. This will create an independant template (.tpl) that
can be shared with other people or used anytime it is needed.

For request #2
Please explain more what type of customization is desired. give examples
if possible

For request #3
There is an SDK folder packaged with Animate:
Program Files\Toon Boom Animation\Animate Pro\resources\sdk\examples
Applications/Toon Boom Animate Pro/tba/resources/sdk/examples

Although there is little documentation, you can follow and modify the
examples to do some basic stuff. For specific help, please contact who will try and assist within reason. More
involved development needs need to be treated on a case-by-case
basis because our programmers would need to be involved and much
depends on their scheduling.

Here is something that would make my life soooo much easier. And it would also make the lives of anyone else who is making animated art that is also finding its way into product development/book publishing:

Export for Print:
It would spit out a frame (or range of frames) as an EPS file. If you want to get fancy, you could code the color palette’s so that they had a “print” color value what was used when exporting for print (a CMYK value and/or a Pantone Number).

Right now I work around this by exporting as a .SWF, then opening the .SWF in Flash and saving as an EPS from Flash, then opening in Illustrator and fixing all the color for print applications.

For agile animation teams that do product development, bridging the color-model troubles between screen and print would be such a huge help.

Let me know if you want more help creating a software spec for this. I would gladly donate my time making UML, use-case and documentation for this sort of feature.

64 bit for Windows

I now have a copy of Harmony SDK… the SDK that ships with Animate/Animate PRO is totally useless… These forums have very little liveliness in my opinion, as most benefit is gained through robust interchange with fellow software users.

We need MORE activity here…


  1. Multicore suport.
    2. Import 3d objects
    3. Best integration with Mac Os
    4. Glue joints
    5. Less expensive ;D

Well im not a programmer or anything so I dont know what sdk or any of that stuff is. I am more of a traditional animator before the flash tween look came about. I simply only care about drawing and cleanup as naturally as possible.

I really would love a pencil feel that caters to the non computer user. I know you can draw with vectors and add texture but I really wish that I could get a real pencil feeling with opacity as well.… I love the way it feels when I draw in that program. I can change the drawing cursor to like a tilted line and draw very naturally. However toonboom wins in every other department. If it were possible to combine bitmap drawing and vector drawing in the same program with a scene manager for quickly checking the whole animation piece, I would be a pretty happy animator and enjoy drawing on the computer a lot more. Combining the feel and ease of bitmap drawing with the speed and flexibility of computer vectors drawings for cleanup will be a miracle and would speed up production by cutting out the middle man.