Animate Pro fails to open projects in OSX


I’ve been using Animate Pro in OSX Lion for about a month and the program runs very nicely most of the time.

But lately it’s crashing when trying to open projects. It only happens sometimes and especially with big scenes. Sometimes it just crashes and sometimes it hangs with the thinking icon spinning forever.

The solution so far has been to force the program to quit from the system monitor and try again until the file opens. This morning I had to try like 6 or 7 times until a certain scene opened.

Any help on this?

Thank you

It happens with different projects, randomly.

I’m starting to think that it could be due to a lack of RAM (only 4Gb). In the next few days I’ll be upgrading to 32 GB. If the problem is there after the upgrade I’ll contact support.


It won’t matter since it’s only a 32-bit app and can’t use more than 4GB of RAM.

Maybe…but there are many other processes and programs running big files (I usually have after effects, premiere, illustrator, sketchbook, etc. running simultaneously) so Animate Pro seldom has more than 1 Gb of free memory for itself and with big scenes, sometimes it needs much more.

I’m not sure if upgrading the RAM in mi mac will solve the problem with animate pro but it is for certain that it will improve the overall performance of the system.

Thank you Lilly,

I already contacted support and they are trying to solve this issue.

Try emailing, they can take a look at the project file.


If you are still facing this issue, feel free to write in to