animate pro crashes


Ive encountered a recurrent problem with APro

first i had a crash when drwaing an elipse, (i selected the elipse tool, windows started reading and froze)

i restarted APro and after a couple of tries/crashes, managed to draw the elipse

15 mins later I got anther crash when picking a color. After this crash i thought it was my APro installation so i uninstalled and installed back from scratch…

1 hr later i was using the polyline tool and again… crash

they all happen the same way: i select something… APro freezes and i get Windows reading icon. Windows still works and I can swap to other programs but APro never recovers so i have to end it loosing everything i didn’t save.



Would it be possible to give us your hardware specs? We need to make sure everything is in order there before further investigating.

Best regards,