Animate Pro crashes in Windows Vista

I need help…

We have installed PLE Animate Pro in some computers whit Windows Vista… In a few the program runs OK… but in others, the program crashes when you select the brush.

There is some solution? :’(

I used to have the same problems with animate on Vista, and I thought upgrading to Windows 7 would make a difference. It didn’t. What made a difference was upgrading my graphix card. Sine doing that Animate has not crashed once.

i had the same problem, and i decided to format my laptop computer, while the laptop was installing their drivers, i decided to install the program to probe it, and it works perfectly ;D;D;D, but when the computer ended the installation of the drivers, the program doesn’t work anymore having the same trouble :’( :’( :’(
i think that maybe that’s a drivers issue, so when i found the solution… i will tell you :stuck_out_tongue:
mm i almost forgot!, using toon boom storyboard pro i have the same problem, but only when i use the selector’s tool

Just to clarify, everyone here is updated to the latest drivers for their graphics cards on their operating systems? For people who are still having problems, what graphics card are you using and what operating system?

Toon Boom Support

yap! i had the last driver in windows vista, now, i updated to windows7 and it works perfectly :wink: