Animate Pro crash when scrubbing timeline?

Hi there,

I am using a PLE copy of Animate Pro to work on the myouterspace competition and am coming across a strange bug. The software crashes when I try to scrub through the timeline. It started happening a few days ago and has been fine for the last month or so since I installed the software.

I have tried restarts, reinstalling the software but to no avail. I can click on the timeline, but when I attempt to scrub at the top of the timeline I get an error message and the sodtware crashes.

i have a full version of Animate 2 also but have never had any issues with that. I am working on a Windows 7 pro machine and was just wondering if anyone has come across the same issue and it’s worth downloading the software again?

Are you scrubbing through in the OpenGL view or in the Render View? It’s possible that if you’re scrubbing through in the render view on a scene that’s very heavy in effects you could be running out of memory.

If this is not your issue then please email for help resolving your issue.