Animate PRO carsing every time I do Save As


I don’t know what’s wrong. All I try to do is a simple Save As and every time I do it the program freezes up. I don’t even do many changes in the project. all I do is delete one of the layers.

Any thoughts?

If I have a heavy scene with a hand drawn animation (flattened) and press ‘save’ the program goes into ‘not responding’ state (always), I’ve learned that if I wait for a bit it will save alright, but if I click a mouse somewhere on the screen the program crashes, it makes me smile as hours of work were just flushed. Some times a get a ‘fatal error’ message which closes the program.
Is something wrong with my system?

I guess I resolved the issue by just letting the program alone for a long time after Save As.

I don’t really see what support could do. It seems like something they need to fix in the next version.

I didn’t lose any work, but it’s good that I learned the program will do that. at least I can work around it.

Well the entire animation is 3 min long, I broke it down into 5 parts, there is rotoscoping sequence which is 15 sec long and I assume that it is the heaviest one as it takes long time to save it. I have 6gb of RAM which, tell me if Im wrong, Im pretty sure should be enough just to save the thing.

Thanks Lilly

Best to send an email in to so they can help you to resolve your issue.


You might be running out of memory. Usually if you get a “Bad Allocation” error that means you have run out of memory. How long is your scene? Can you break it up into smaller sequences?


When you load in a sequence of bitmap images that can make your file very heavy. It might help you if you can delete the bitmap layer after you do your rotoscoping. That’s all I can think of off hand without seeing the scene.