Animate pro - Blur-Radial render error

I just encountered a rare bug with the Blur-Radial module. I animated it over 102 frames from 0 - 8.32489 (using the sliders to set the value). Somewhere in the middle, one frame rendered really strange with a sudden pattern of green colour.
I tried to reproduce the error with a fixed value instead of animated, trying to mimic the same conditions but couldn’t reproduce the bug that way. Only through a very slow animation tween. Check it out:


Would it be possible to provide us a sample of that scene where this can be seen so we could analyze in detail what is going on.

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yeah. I’ve seen this on a rare occasion or two and its always been with the blur module. It seems to create an almost linen/fabric type of artifact. I have found that disabling the truck factor helps (assuming you do not need it). Ive also seen it were just increasing the blur value by a .001 sometimes help (at least for the current frames but unfortunately other frames that were not affected may become affected so this workaround really only works if only one or two frames are bad and as a last resort).