Animate Pro 3

Is there an Animate Pro 3 on the horizon or is that what Harmony Standalone is supposed to be?

Harmony standalone is not animate 3. They are seperate product lines (Harmony was there with Animate 1).

I haven’t seen any indications Animate 3 is close.

hmm… it’s been over two years since v2 was released I think.
Is this a dead product? …just wondering.

Yea, I’m wondering the same thing.

I doubt it, they provided an update to Harmony recently.

It is probably more they want to have a reason to release Animate 3 and they can’t give all the harmony features away until they have new features for harmony.

Animate and Animate Pro will definitely have new versions. We are diligently working on a number of projects here, so it’s a balancing act, but we are trying to release products as quickly as we can and still have something of interest to the market.