animate pro 3?

Is there any talk of an animate pro 3? If so, will it include the newest tools, deformation, particles, etc…

If not, will there come a day when we can run harmony and animate pro on the same computer? I use one for work, and the other for independent projects.
The idea of bringing my work home with me and having to go through the trouble of switching keys is just frustrating.

You can get harmony standalone for home.

yes, but as I said I am working on a group project with animate pro and I work on a studio project with harmony.

You can’t run both programs on the same computer, if I upgrade to Harmony stand alone - my software is no longer compatible with my independent project- and there’s not much sense in buying harmony separately because I can’t run it on the same computer.

even a dongle- like the days of digital pro, that has the keys for harmony and animate pro on it, would be an upgrade to calling the company to switch licensing.

I want to know if the next version of animate pro will have the newer tools, so our independent group can consider those features in our pre-production.


Are there plans for an animate pro 3 or are you pushing harmony home?

“Harmony is a really great option.” - right. But I can not find any information about the price of Harmony (I am a owner of Animate 2 - wich option I have?).


email support they will give you the price :slight_smile:

“email support they will give you the price” - ok :wink:

You can run Animate Pro and Harmony on the same computer. You just can’t keep the two as separate licenses if you use your Animate Pro license to upgrade to Harmony.


We are still in the development phases of the Animate line. That being said, if you’re looking to go to the next level, Harmony is a really great option.