Animate Pro 3 won't install on Windows 8.1

when i attempt installing on my windows 8.1 laptop it tells me the software isn’t the correct version for the operating system and to contact the software company.

I’ve gotten it installed on another windows 7 computer fine with the same files. I really need it on my laptop to be able to take to and from school to work with.

what could be causing this? I’ve re-downloaded files in case they were corrupted and same result.

Please help, thanks!

no, it is 64 bit, I’ve recently just updated windows and redownloaded toonboom and it now works, thanks though! guessing it was some bug fixed in an update.

hi, dustinmoney.

so, your Windows 8.1 is 32-bit system, right?
Animate Pro 3 only support 64-bit system.