Animate Pro 3: Video export codec can't be changed anymore (Windows 10, any Quicktime version)

I’m running Animate Pro 3 and now that I’ve just updated to Windows 10, the codec settings are not saved anymore so the videos are always output using the “Animation” codec with its default settings.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version of Quicktime, as well as the old working version I was using on Windows 8.1 and even the version recommended in this topic, but the results are the same.

Every time I accept the changes and then reenter the “Movie options”, the codec has gone back to “Animation” and all the other settings are the default ones too, no matter which codec I had selected (if I don’t reenter the options, the resulting video is also identical).

Any clues on what could be happening? Is anybody else having this same problem?

I’m sorry to insist, but I’m running out of tasks to finish before I have to stop my workflow to a halt because of this problem, and the deadline keeps getting closer.

Any suggestions, please?

Okay, so Support says that the movie options in Animate Pro 3 may not work in Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or updated latin versions (French, Spanish, etc) of Windows 7. However, because Animate Pro 3 is an old (more specifically, last year) product, the bug (or any bugs, I’m guessing) will not be fixed.

They recommend upgrading to Harmony, though.

I have to ask this important question: Has this (deal-breaking) bug been fixed in the latest builds of Harmony?

EDIT: Ok, it seems that the problem is still present in the latest version of Harmony. Here’s the related topic: