Animate Pro 3 trial VS full version?

I am planning to buy the full version of the animate pro 3, but I can’t do that before I know what are actual elements of the software and what are the handicaps of the trial version

I’ve used my friends animate pro 2, but having downloaded the trial for the anim. pro 3, I noticed that there’s no real time anti-aliasing. Is that just for the trial version or is there no a-a in the full version either? also, the brush tool, there was in addition to the smoothing there was also contour correction, which wasn’t apparent in the trial of anim. pro 3

and why is there no real time a-a in the trial anyway? I want to see the brush strokes properly before I know if I want the software. there has recently been problems with wacom tablets not working correctly with software like photoshop and seeing a thread in here about unsmooth lines too, I have to be sure before I go spending over six hundred dollars

There’ no Realtime AA because it causes too much of a performance hit on less-capable graphic cards. On Mac, configure the Full Scene Antialiasing with 4 as the number of samples and it should give a good result.

No real time anti-aliasing? what’s the point of removing it when it’s optional in animate pro 2??

and that full scene anti-aliasing, does it have about the same result? in the trial you can’t adjust it, you can just put it on

also, could I get an answer from someone from Toonboom please? I really want to possibly buy this product but not before my questions are answered fully

The trial/PLE is identical to the regular software in every way except you cannot use anything outside the PLE that you create and the rendered animation has a watermark. IOW, don’t go beyond experimentation and learning with the PLE. You will be wasting your time. Don’t expect to take your work to the full version once you purchase it.

Also, all of the library content is empty, I imagine to keep the software as a smaller faster download.

thanks for answering, I really appreciate it!

so really, no real time Anti-Aliasing… what’s the point of a newer version being a downgrade? I don’t know if people would consider me as a perfectionist or something, but I would hate to do a long animation project constantly having to look at everything in that jagged pre-rendered smush

I really want to buy this program, but is there any way to possibly get anti-aliasing in it?

I am on a Mac and when I look at the real-time drawing representation then compare it to the rendered quality they are so close it isn’t an issue. I even have a weaker video card being on a Mac Mini. My Open GL power is relatively abysmal by gaming standards, which is what most people want a powerful graphics card for.

I don’t know what it looks like on Windows. I can only guess that there were too many problems with so many varying graphics cards on the Windows platform. They had to have a substantial reason for removing it.

Try contacting Sales. I have corresponded with them and found them to be helpful answering such questions.

Perhaps some of you are misunderstanding the explanation. There IS antialising and it’s happening in real time.

What was changed in the software is the method of applying it. The realtime antialiasing method was causing too much of a performance hit on low to moderately capable graphic cards which are the types of cards most users have. For this reason it was removed. The updated Full Scene should be more than capable of providing a good result (Mac).

Note though that on some graphic cards you may need to independently tweak some OpenGL settings using the graphics utility but this happens mostly on Windows systems with lower-end or older graphic cards. Normally this should not be an issue.

If your experiences are different or something is not working that should be, contact support to have a look.

I understand now, but what’s with the => (Mac)? I’m a windows user and I will be in the future too, so does that mean I can’t use anti-aliasing just because I’m a windows user?

in the demo I got the is the full scene anti-aliasing option, you can click the box on or whatever but you can’t change the value, it’s locked to zero which way it doesn’t have any effect. it says (for Mac), but I don’t understand why they would nerf the Windows version that way

I’m definitely contacting support too, but if you know how to answer this last question I’d be thankful