Animate pro 3 runs on OS X v10.6?

I’ve worked in Toon Boom Studio for a lot of years. Now, I want to change to Animate Pro. I’d like to know if Animate Pro 3 can run on my iMac with OS X v10.6.

Also I wan’t to know if there’s a direct crossgrade from Toon Boom Studio 5 to Animate pro 3.

Thank you,

I am running Animate Pro 3 on 10.6.8 and have not encountered any glitches so far. I am not using it professionally so I have nothing I can offer regarding performance at that level of volume and project complexity.

My hardware does not meet the minimum recommended requirements either but I have not encountered anything forcing me to upgrade my computer.

As far as the crossgrade question goes, you need to speak with the sales department. You have to upgrade to Animate then upgrade to Pro from there. Don’t go through the Buy process on the website before you have spoken with a salesperson. They might offer you a better price but they need to say that.

I went from Studio 7 to Animate Pro 3.


Hi, can you open a .anim file in animate pro 3 ?

Animate Pro’s native file format is .anim so, yes, you can.

I also answered your other post regarding .anim in Animate and Pro. They both use .anim, they can be opened in either program A 3 in AP 3, AP 3 in A 3. The Pro-only features will be ignored by Animate.