Animate Pro 3: not for Frame by Frame?

I’m a little confused by the ads on the Toon Boom site for Animate and Animate Pro 3.
It lists Animate 3 as ideal for frame by frame animation and Animate Pro 3 as ideal for Cut Out animation.

I then read on a Toon Boom users forum how some of the frame by frame features were removed in AP3. Is this correct?

As far as I knew, Animate and Animate Pro were identical except for Animate Pro having additional features.

I do more hand drawn stuff than cutout, so I’m trying to figure out if I need Animate or Animate Pro 3.

Can someone from Toon Boom clarify what’s up with this?

Hi, There,
Could you tell me what’s the frame by frame feature ?
You understanding is correct, Animate Pro 3 is just have more features like network view.
You can also make hand drawn in Animate Pro 3.

I was also a little confused on this subject, I though if I bought Animate Pro 3 then I wouldn’t have any of the frame by frame features. However I believe this is not correct. Animate Pro has all the features of Animate and more. Have a look at this comparison chart: