Animate Pro 3 - Deformers? Custom Brushes?

Hi, I just bought Animate Pro 3. My experience with Toon Boom is using Harmony, so I’m confused as to which deformers are available in Animate Pro.

I see the bone deformer but not the spline deformer. Is this right?

Also, is there a tutorial for creating custom brushes in Animate Pro?

Yes but it depends on why you want to swap the drawings.

The quick way is to use drawing substitution. For the full method of having alternate drawings/deformation groups, review the manual section called “Creating a Full Character Turnaround” (chapter 13, deformation section).

The curve deformer is a feature only for Harmony, Animate Pro only has the bone deformer.
Check out the online user manual for creating your own brushes:

Thanks. Follow up question: Can you switch out drawings on a drawing that is being deformed?

Great. At least it can be done.

When I apply the bone deformation to a drawing and then swap the drawing out, the deformation goes away. I guess I just need to go through all of the tutorials and see how the deformer works from the ground up.