Animate pro 3 crashes when using cutter (osx)


I have a small drawing, mainly sketched with a textured brush.
When I try to use the cutter to reposition a small portion of the drawing, i get an error: “not a valid tagged file” with a red sign with an exclamation mark. When I click ok, the program isn’t running anymore.

Also, when I draw with said textured brush, or any for that matter, when I turn the smoothing all the way down, the curves are more like corners… Is this normal behaviour? It doesn’t do that with a non textured brush…



Contact support, they will need to see your project to investigate this.

This is happening to me also. When I use the cutter (lasso) I get the same error and then Animate Pro 3 crashes. It’s also happening when i try to group a drawing. I’m not using textured brushes when it happens, just a regular old drawing brush.

It’s been like that since day one, and it is soooo annoying!
Have to save my project all the time!

This is know bug that when clicking the brush line using cutter instead of dragging the mouse causes crash. I have downloaded new installer from my download (10.2.1 8599) seems to have fixed this issue. Check the version of Animate Pro and download it again for new version 8599 if yours is older.