Animate Pro 3 crashes everytime

My animate pro 3 crashes every time when i try to export my animation to an swf. file!
I have Storyboard pro to and all was grat until i exportet it to Animate Pro 3…The storyboard i created in weeks was going. Only Animate pro has it now but i cant export it…not either to a quick time movie! With export to movie all is going perfect but when open the movie i get error messages.
Any help, why i cant export to swf file without crashes?
Is there any other produkt who can handle it and even to export to fla file for adobe flash professionale 2014?

I have windows 8.1
64 bite

Thanks for helping me!

The picture is a report in swedish language but it says Animate Pro has stopet working. Windows try to resolve the issue.

Ok, what is the max frame Animation Pro 3 can handle?

sorry, I don’t know.
I just know the swf format, itself can not too large.
cause if too large, will play very slow.

ok yes i understand , I made big clip now and it looks better and i think its better to have arround 24- 48 frames in each scene = 2 minutes movie!

Toon Boom recommends breaking up projects into smaller scenes then stitching them together using video editing software. There is a Flash action script to connect multiple .swf files. Here are a couple of pages covering general information on Flash file size:

Have you ever successfully exported any other projects to .swf?

Can you create a small simple animation project and try exporting that?

yes i have but with some changes-disable effects like blending, pencil drwings, color scale…some of the character been deformed (looks like the color fluiting. Maybe my project is to big (1- 13860 frames)?

yep, cause the project is very large.