Animate Pro 3 crashes after exporting the 151st frame to SWF

I’ve windows 7 64bit 9GB ram, quad core and I can export every format but the SWF properly, after upgrading to Animate Pro 3. To confuse matters even more, any file I previously created in Animate Pro 2, but saved as an Animate Pro 3 file now, can be still be exported to SWF just fine, no matter the length of the project. I can also export the same troubled projects, to movie (MOV) and it’s just fine!

However, I just created a new project, native to Animate Pro 3, and I have a quick puppet animation with less than 10 drawing objects in the whole project, and only transparency and glow effects at a maximum (not too complicated). When I export to SWF, if the scene length is over 150 frames, it will crash Animate each time. This project is 500 frames, but if I cut the project to exactly 150 frames, then it will export to SWF (but obviously I want my 500 framed project to come out). If I cut the scene length to 151frames, CRASH! The images go through the “rendering scene” phase, but after it says “exporting drawings”, gets to 29% then crashes. If I lessen the length of the scene, it gets to maybe 37% then crashes.

In a previous version of this project, with no modules, no coloring, just 3 drawings stacked in hierarchical form, with 500 frames, it also crashes during this process. I cut it to 150 frames, it exports, but if I make it 151 frames, it crashes on exporting drawings!

This seems to happen only to files created fresh in animate Pro 3 not the ones I made in Animate Pro 2 and converted to Animate Pro 3.

You need to look at what’s happening on the 151rst frame.
Is there some effect being applied in a way that’s causing the program to crash? What if you try exporting just this frame?

Perhaps it would be easier to resolve if you contact support and provide them your project to look at.