Animate Pro 3 can't export a Cutter Matte

Hello everyone,

So, I’ve finally learned how to use mattes. I had an important job to do so it was perfect.
Well, almost…
I tried to export an animation with a Cutter Matte, but when I saw the .mov the matte didn’t do the job. The only thing that appeared was the big drawing I used as a mask covering all the screen.

When I was working on Animate Pro 3 it was working fine. The matte was hidding exactly what I was hopping for, and so on render view and else. The issue is the export.

So, any ideas on how to fix this?

I appreciate your help,


Show a screenshot of your node structure.
Normally the export is the same as the render view.

Don’t do an OpenGL export, and don’t use “Display All”
set it to the actual display node attached to the final composite node.