animate pro 2, working with text: no accents ?


its great that animate pro 2 includes now a way to work with with texts.
but I have a little detail, (I am using mac and spanish ISO keyboard) :

How to I add accents there?
for example, if I want to enter: áéíó
I press the accent key, and the letter…
but I do the same in the text field trying to enter a letter with accent in animate pro 2 nothing happens: the cursor does not move and does not type any letter if I press the accent key before.
It writes another letters but not letters with accents.

what I am doing wrong?

thanks a lot

I am on a Mac using English keyboard and I can’t get the accents to work correctly either.

In Photoshop I use the Arial font and I bring up the keyboard viewer and press Option E and then E to get the result shown in the screenshot below:
Click for full size -

When I am in Animate 2.0 I try to do it the same way as in Photoshop and it doesn’t work.
Click for full size -

I don’t mean to confuse people with the first capital A with accent. That was created by holding down the Option-Shift and pressing the letter Y.
Click for full size -

How do you easily type in words like résumé using the Text Tool?

Copy + paste from another application. It’s not ideal, but it does work.

Right now the way that it works is you can type in accents as long as they’re mapped to a key on your keyboard. But as soon as you input the accent in one key press, then input the letter in a second key press, that’s when our engine doesn’t understand how to handle it. We will work on this as a feature request for future versions of the software.

For now please know that you can copy and paste your text and this should work just fine.

Toon Boom Support

thank you, copy and paste works ;D

hi, i’ve got similar troubles with polish native text characters in animate pro on my mac.
although they work in the textedit, they can’t be copied and pasted into the text string, all special chars wind up in the current animate pro version as question marks.

i admit, i use an english internationalization, but switching to polish option in the top bar (the flag) brings the ability to print the appropriate chars easily enough (textedit, openoffice etc, with the exception of gimp).

is there a workaround to this?

Keep it simple: forget about your ‘engine’. This is one of the many issues that arises from the fact that Toon Boom ignores the standards as defined by Apple, with respect to the user interface and implementation. It is not Mac software.

Well it’s true that it’s not Mac software. We are cross-platform, and we output for both Mac and Windows. Each operating system has its own tweaks and specifications that need to be done to make the performance better.

For this issue, I’d recommend writing in to to see if they have any further suggestions for you.