animate pro 2 working issues (pivots, bones, stop-motion keyframes)

during the preparation of my series i encounter a few issues i don’t really get. i have a mixed rig with occasionally bone structure (f.i. for the horse’s tail), the animation method is similar to that of mr. eberschlag in the educational videos (keyframes in the adjacent cells, then moved).

while manipulating of the body parts my parent elements (drawings as pegs) lose the pivots from child parts (the picture #3 shows the displaced pivot for the elbow parent, the elbow child drawing displays the pivot correctly in the middle of the ring). the ‘copy cells’/‘paste special’ doesn’t work. initially all the parts had updated pivots via the provided script. in the end the whole parent structure has lost its pivot locations.

to check the effect i aditionally did the script execution for the next time on the whole set (select all). the results were devastating for all extremities. don’t do it without a previous file copy.

i tried to implement the bones pinning for the hand palms, but the red pinned pivot points move anyway. the bones don’t respond to the command. does forward kinematics have incompatibilities with ik?

some child body parts, in spite of stop-motion keyframes for the master frames, do transform between, when the keyframes are not located as neighbours. i tried to toggle the motion and stop-motion settings, but to no avail. the workaround was to fetch the parts and set their keyframes as stop-motion separately.

am i missing something?
thx in advance,

ok, the first issue is more complicated than i suspected. the picture #4 shows the rig hierarchy. the pivots can be copied from the part drawings to the corresponding pegs, but not to the higher level, no matter whether the child is a single part or there are more of them. am i right?
i’ve forgotten to check all the pivots in the beginning…

ok, the first issue looks a bit clearer after i read here:

seems only a manual workaround with the pivot tool could help…

the third issue seems to have an explanation here (post #7):

Picture 4.png