animate pro 2 to harmony

Hi, i need to open an animate pro 2 scene in harmony 8.5 is there a way to export it?, or a way to import it from harmony?

I know it is frustrating, but I am pretty sure you can’t.

So it should be possible to release a “Convert Project” plugin?


Yes you are right ,
i think this is the most problem toon boom have
i think this is not a professional way of work either
there is should be a compatibility to all version of your products
i stopped upgrading to harmony just because of this issue i don’t know why you couldn’t fix this issue and i know you could because you have already the conversion so What ?!!!
i have more than 200 characters fully rigged and animated library with
and a lot of scenes it’s copyright material i couldn’t give any to you to make the conversion I’ll stick with animate pro this is not right
at least make a conversion plugin so we can buy it

according to you
the conversion can be done
so now why this technology of conversion couldn’t be implement in Harmony to do this conversion ?!
at least open the drawings element
i mean the Harmony is the Top of all versions it should open any file beneath it
like adobe products and any 3d software generally any software save their projects files to be opened in the newer versions (except 32bit to 64 bit versions) i don’t know what is the use to make this change in every new software it’s like beginning new software each time you released it ?

I recently upgraded to Harmony 9 from Animate Pro 2. All my files and library were AP2 format. I just copied it all into a folder, zipped it and uploaded it to an FTP site Toon Boom support gave me. A day or two later they sent me a link where I could download the files and I was back in business. What’s the bug? I’m glad I didn’t have to do it and I’m sure no one lifted any of my stuff.

My reason for upgrading was to be able to get the new features–deformation tools, editable pencil lines, particles, 3D, etc. And the fact that I am now compatible with any studio I may freelance for.


Zebtoonz, you write that you upgraded partly to be compatible with any studio…with a conversion plugin you would be compatible with pro asswell, and others would be compatible with you :slight_smile:

And if Toon Boom dont even need to look at the files when doing the conversion, it sounds like its a very automated process, and thats make it perfect as an import/export plugin, or?

Many softwares see this as a feature, something to push for, being able to import different file formats. You would expect Toon Boom to be able to import their own files, especially when they say its possible. But what do I know?

I also think this can be a selling point. “Ok, I buy pro, still can work with harmony users, maybe I upgrade later” vs "Hmmm…pro dont look like its ment to be used for commercial work and Harmony is to expensive right now…better look somewhere else…"

Still, great software! Rock on!


When you upgrade from Animate Pro to Harmony, Toon Boom will do a conversion of your files for you. But if you are trying to continuously work Animate Pro with Harmony, this won’t work.

We don’t look at your material when we perform the conversion, but if you’d be happier for us to sign an NDA then I’m sure that could be arranged. The Animate line and the Harmony line are not compatible because of fundamental changes in file formats.