Animate Pro 2 Question: Drawing Substitution

Ok so I know how to make a duplicate drawing in Toon Boom Animate Pro 2 by clicking the “Duplicate Drawing” icon in the second timeline view icon on the timeline view tool bar… All is good so far

Then I modify whatever drawing I have, and when I open the library view, I can see that there is an image that appears with the title “Drawing Substitution” on top of the image and a scroll bar with the option to change between the different duplicate drawings I made… All is good until there…

Now the problem is:
When I save the drawing as a template in the library and import it back into a scene… The drawing substitutions are gone… Any Ideas on why this is happening?

P.S.: I am probably doing something wrong with the saving process, I’m still a noobie and learning :P.

There’s always a learning process, don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for!

When you save things in the Library, there are two ways of saving. If you drag the entire layer from the LEFT side (where the name of the layer is) into the Library, then it brings ALL the drawings, even if they’re not shown in the scene at that moment.

If you select a specific cell or cells from the RIGHT side (where you see all the frames), and drag that into the Library, then it brings only the selected drawings.

Hope that helps! You can also check out some Tip of the Week videos on Master Templates and Action Templates: