Animate PRo 2 PLE Stereo

I downloaded the PLE of Animate Pro 2. I don’t see any kind of 3D stereoscopic camera as mentioned in the promo material. Can you point me in the right direction?

They now have a short promotional video when you go to the ‘features’ tab of Animate Pro 2:

The 3D effect is made by using two cameras, left and right, and adjusting focal points.

Did you download the user guide? Any mention of it in there? When they officially release Animate Pro 2 I have my fingers crossed they’ll do a tutorial on setting it up :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find any documentation at all. Maybe it’s just not in the PLE version yet.

Hmmmm… I reckon when V2 is officially released there will be some info on it. It’s too huge a feature to not be referenced at all. C’mon V2…

There are some white papers and examples that will be released when Animate Pro 2 is released explaining how to accomplish the 3D stereoscopic effect. Stay tuned on the website for these white papers and examples.

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sounds good!

A few Next week :’(
Can I use 3D stereoscopic in Animate Pro 2 PLE?

Why U don’t give how to make 3D stereoscopic with in document or tutorials now with PLE?

It make to easy decision for buy Toon Boom Animate Pro, but Promotion price 1499$ end now and 1799$ promotion price will end in 30 April. >:(

I’m a student but I very interest in Animate Pro 2 to make my perfect works. I don’t have much money for 1999$


A tutorial should be available shortly. There are still some reviews to be done on it but it is coming your way ;). It should be able to complete with the PLE (although the watermark may not show in 3D but you should still have a good idea of the result still).

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New Tutorials that you just update they include 3D Stereoscopic?
or You will update more.

Also Documentation and User Guide?


There should be more documentation coming up concerning this. It will most likely be found in the Tips and Tricks of the Elearning section of Animate Pro 2.